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Thank you for visiting my site.

Hopefully this will inspire you and turn your attention towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Bellawell is here to guide you to learn, laugh and love.

Bellawell initiative began in 2014 with my own health crisis that its successful end created a deep desire to spread the message to the world and bring the awareness that being healthy is not by a chance.

In our-days we live in a toxic nutritional culture. Our bodies suffer of toxicity and deficiency.
At Bellawell we learn how to support our bodies to let it fix itself.
We focus on the cause of the problem rather then, managing the symptoms. All by implementing simple shifts in healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.
Bellawell promises profound results in the way you feel and the way you look!

In my counseling you’ll discover a new identity that brings you a lot of strength and peace of mind.
You dont need to make a choice, you need to take a decision.
Bellawell is not about a way of doing, its about a way of being.

It’s my honor to support your journey to health and wellbeing. You will have so much joy, I promise.

Thank you for choosing Bellawell!


While most people want to lose fat and get fit as well as get healthy and happy.. It can be a tough challenge forming the habits. It took me many starts and frustrations before I learned how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Help me to help you! Let me know, what your challenge is.

I will personally support with every step of your way.

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In the mean time, be well!