Meet Bella

Health and wellbeing coach

Hi, my name is Bella.

An attitude of gratitude is sealed to my spirit and I love life with all it provides to me. Always known to give priority to health and quality of lifestyle.

“Only the best is good enough.”

I have passed a new educational program for medical nutrition with a new approach to coach people who wish the change or go through transformation to gain back their overall wellbeing, have control of their weight or simply wish to enjoy aging.

I am teaching and training easy implemented guidelines how to eliminate bad habits replaced by well balanced nutrition. How to use super-food as medicine, take control of your health and become your own doctor. This is based on latest research and up to date information that works! As well I have been awarded with a Diploma in coaching Personal Nutrition and weight-loss.

And yet, this journey is not for everyone. This is for people who are excited about the challenge of transformation and taking the control of their health. It needs a strong will, sharp focus as well as dedicated support.
As it is my passion helping others, I open my heart and share my experience. I bring my truth and my understanding with integrity, clarity and lots of love.

“I want you away from doctors.”

I know the value of what I bring to you and the impact it will have on your life. As you are here, somewhere deep inside, you know it.

Since knowledge is power I can encourage you not to give up; take a deep breath, open up, get out of your fear and get on board..
Join me and, I ‘ll teach you about the difference that makes the difference.


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Your comments and feedback will reward me with so much pleasure.

In the mean time, be well!